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Statistics show that if Sheer Idiocy were to get a much nicer message board, such as the FREE one found here:, message board traffic would indeed increase. Or start, even!

Of course, Statistics also show that 63% of all statistics are made up.

-- Joey (, August 07, 2001


I believe Joe is 83 percent correct.

-- MIKE (, August 07, 2001.

Whoa! A response! What in the... MIKE! How the hell are you? See, now this is confusing, as I'm not so much answering my first question as responding to Mike's answer, which wasn't so much of an answer as an affirmation the the question NEEDED to be answered in the first place and I think what this run-on sentence is boiling down to is that I'll probably email the idiots and bring up this topic. Because I'm surprised that even Mike read this.

-- Joey (, August 07, 2001.

I concur with Joe in that the topic has pretty muched dropped out the bottom of the barrel, and e-mail combat is necessary at this point. It's also interesting to note that this debate about how to increase message-board traffic has increased message-board traffic. JOE! How goes, yourself buddy? How's Lousiana (spelled such that we can pronounce it without that cumbersome first "i": Looooooooosiana)? Love the profile! Hahhhahahhahahahhahhah, it's like the essential Joe chronology! Well, anyhoo, good luck with the e-mail. I checked out those other message boards and they are pretty tempting... Perhaps change is necessary. MIKE OUT.

-- MIKE (, August 08, 2001.

It's spelled L-O-U-I-S-I-A-N-A. I know this because for a while there, the state liscense plates pointed out that USA was in our name, spaced out using i's. Like this: loUiSiAna. That was on my liscense plate. Kinda sad.

-- JOE (, August 08, 2001.

Oh yeah. I forgot, in my haste to talk about Louisiaina, that I made a new message board, and it's here:

Right. But then you probably already knew that.

-- Dumbass (, August 08, 2001.

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