#2 Halifax plc And Warner Cranston Reed Smith

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unfortunatly the sale was in august 95 so i was within the six years when they re-contacted me, I keep asking about the MIG and what is the "real" amount of shortfall but the keep saying I am not Privy or party to this and under rights of subrogation they can ask for all of shortfall regardless of MIG - is this right?

-- darren law (darren@bsa-exe.net), August 07, 2001


um, this may be a stupid question Darren, but are they WRITING to you or TALKING to you. If talking, stop now. start getting things in writing.

Re the MIG, its a moot point and some contributors have had success with this, others not. If I went to court I would argue that the payout was relevant because of, well lots of things, look through the previous answers on this.

-- (bluemoon@mcfc.co.uk), August 14, 2001.

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