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Dear reader(s),

I reside in the US and have been listening to Carnatic music for a long time. My grandparents used to play the veena and my mother and all her siblings have directly imbibed this talent. I am also blessed, fortunately, with decent ears. I taught myself to play piano and guitar. Both these instruments are obviously not particularly suited for Carnatic. I fake a lot of the gamakams on the piano by doing a lot of trills and such. It sounds VERY VERY lame. I want to play carnatic on guitar. I can play a little, but its all very fake and superficial. I have never had training, and though my mother can train me, it isnt the same as disciplining oneself by actually going to a guru. I would love to learn to play carnatic on guitar, for which I am pretty sure, I need to learn vocals as well. Any thoughts suggestions etc etc, please do mail me I have heard Prasanna several times, and would like to play a lot like that but in a very different way. I wish I could have him as a teacher. :) :(. I know its not possible. He is too big a genius to teach someone like me. So if anyone here can please throw some light on this issue please let me know.

I am into a lot of different kinds of music. A lot of jazz, classic rock, progressive rock, Carnatic, a tiny(VERY VERY VERY) bit of Hindustani classical and Western classical. I live in the Bay Area(SF/SJ), California, USA. Just thought I'd mention I am not a purist :).

Thank You, Jayanth

-- Jayanth (, August 07, 2001


Btw... I forgot, I reside in the Bay Area, CA, USA.

-- oops! (, August 07, 2001.

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