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Hello, I just bought a Quadra 610 at a thrift store. It was really cheap, but there is a password on it. I can do almost nothing with the computer. First of all there is a list of names which I can choose from, then I need to give a password. One username works without a password, but then again I can only play a game. I have no access to any file, not even to the floppydrive. I also tried to get into At Ease, but then an adminstrator's password is asked for... Is there a way in which I can erase At Ease or the whole system? Or can I connect it to another mac? The version of At Ease is 2.0.3 System 7 is installed

Thanks a lot, Gerard

-- Gerard (, August 06, 2001



I already found my answer. For anyone with the same problem: you need a bootdisk. check: If you need to download this on a PC (like I had to) I would recommend winimage, the other programms gave me a lot of trouble...

Bye g

-- G (, August 09, 2001.

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