NS (NS Corp) road name paint Schemes

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Did the modern NS ever paint their road name on their locomotives in an aluminum coloring instead of the familiar white? I seem to recall seeing this but I'm not too sure where.

-- Andrew Callo (acallo@dcf.net), August 06, 2001


I have checked all my NS sources, and find no reports of aluminum lettering. They have occasionally used reflective Scotchlite lettering.

-- Marty Flick (Golddenim@insight.rr.com), July 23, 2002.

I think some of the first were given leftover aluminum paint from the southern.But I'm not positive....Oh wait one was painted with aluminum trucks(ala southern)but thats not what you wanted to hear...

Gabe :)

-- Gabe Scotto (amtrak001@yahoo.com), October 17, 2004.

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