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I purchased a new Pentax Spot, modified by Zone VI from Calumet about 3 months back. No problems until now.

I pulled out my spot, noticed the battery was dead. Short life span, I thought. Until I put in another battery, and it was dead the next morning. The spot hasn't been mishandled or dropped.

I looked to see, after my 3rd battery was put it, if the LED lights stayed on permanently. Nope. And I looked to see if the on/off switch stayed in the 'on' position.

Anybody else have this happened to him/her? I just wanted to check before I made a trip back to Calumet.


-- Andy Biggs (, August 06, 2001


I've had one for years and the batteries outlast the recommended one year life. I think you need to call Calument and send it back ASAP.

-- J. Wolfe (, August 06, 2001.

My analogue Pentax spot has been on the same set of batteries for 5 years

-- John Lehman (, August 06, 2001.

I recently had an experience with my 11-month old Zone VI Pentax Spot meter bought from Calumet. Performed flawlessly on its first trip out of the box (Utah). Back in the box for 6 months. Went to use it again, weird readings, no readings. Thought it was also the battery. New battery, same thing. Sent it to Richard Ritter - said it was the head board. As yours is not much older than mine - maybe there was a bad batch of head boards??


-- Richard M. Coda (, August 06, 2001.

make sure the trigger isn't being pulled when it's in its case. that happened with my pentax spot (i have the old analog one) one time and it drained the battery very fast.

-- chris jordan (, August 06, 2001.

Gotta be something wrong with the meter, Andy. I just replaced my battery for the first time--the meter is 4+ years old (Pentax/ZoneVI digital). BTW it is fantastic.

-- Al Seyle (, August 06, 2001.

Thanks for your responses. I took it back to Calumet for a new one. What an easy transaction. I also took the liberty to get the 'holster'. Now, I can be held up by park rangers in Yosemite.


-- Andy Biggs (, August 07, 2001.

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