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Everybody join in with me in giving best wished to the newlyweds---

To Jeremy and Jessica Watson: all my love and support, and to a long and happy life together.


-- Sanford (, August 06, 2001


Wow, already? Okay, I guess I can forgive the lack of updates.

My best wishes to both of you, and may you always be happy together.

-- Mark (, August 09, 2001.

My god man! ... Guess I'm a lil' late for this thread but Damn did that wedding kick ass. I mean how much fun did i have? Ok well considering the events of that entire event I worded it wrong. But I love weddings, this was my first and it RULED! ROCK n' ROLL All the way to heaven you too =)

Your bum who stayed with ya before ya got hitched, Jason Northrop

-- Sir JayJay R' Northrop (, August 30, 2001.

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