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How would I shoot a close-up pan of a photo for a documentary film? are there special tripods or devices to do so? can I build a device myself? are there software solutions?

-- Tom (twilliam@austin.rr.com), August 05, 2001


Scan the photo, save it in the proper format, import it into whatever application you're using, and use the keyframe editing features to give the appearance of a pan.

-- Jason Rogers (jlrogers@bigfoot.com), December 02, 2001.

by the correct format do you mean a method that will not involve the loss of picture quality inherent in zooming into the image (to provide the room to pan)? if so, what file format would that be? the big boys have computer controlled motorised beds for their rostrum cameras, also controlling the zoom on their lens. this gives them total repeatable control over the recording... but you can do an ok job yourself. its normally better to put the photo on something like an easel and shoot it like that rather than putting the photo flat (rostrum style) if its possible to scan the image (with a standard flat bed scanner) then manipulate it without loosing quality i'd be very interested.. thanks simon

-- simon (beamishprod@hotmail.com), April 01, 2002.

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