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Under a year old, I took my MV out for a spin last week and parked up in Highgate to meet a friend. As I walked away from the bike, the sidesatnd snapped under the weight of the bike and took a chunk of the sump with it. Whole side mangled - not happy! MV say they are considering denying major mechanical failure - if they do then I have to pay for all repairs myself! Your help, guidance and support will be much appreciated

-- Barnie Labbett (, August 05, 2001


Mine did the same and my dealer did not even suggest that the warranty could be used. I was lucky though in that i managed to turn round in time to see it happen and break the bikes fall so there was no damage to the side of the bike - I ended up having the stand welded back on and had a piece of metal added to reinforce this area. I know a friend of mine had difficulties with a similar thing on a 916 Duke so this may be a recurring thing. Write a letter to MCN or something and they will soon cover it under the warranty!

-- Tim Jones (, August 06, 2001.

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