I got a bucket milker!

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Stopped at the used stuff store in town today to pick up some books and started nosing around. I usually don't, but for some reason today I just did. Picked up a tin and an old milk tester bottle (with a rubber plug attached) to store my loose tea in. An old, largish, and nicely heavy brass incense burner (I hate those crappy lightweight ones everybody seems to sell now, they're USELESS). Kept nosing around for no good reason, when lo and behold I came across something labeled "milk pail" - that looked like a bucket milker. "Is this a bucket milker?" I called across the store. The owners came back and allowed as how it was indeed a bucket milker. I looked inside, and there were all four teat cups and the controller thingy. The guy said "I'm going to deal with you on this" (I'd been talking about how nutty it drove me to see perfectly useable old farm implements end up in somebody's sitting room as decorations - why DO people buy old glass insulators to set around the house and gather dust???) His wife was going "now you don't want to lose money on it, keep in mind what you paid for it" (well $24 wasn't much to start with to my way of thinking). I told him that was right, I didn't want it if he was going to lose money on it. He thought for a minute and told me $18. So I am now the proud owner of a bucket milker for $18!!! Needs hoses, needs a vaccuum pump, but this thing is shiny squeaky clean and looks real good.

I'm a happy puppy. Now all I need is to get the durn fencing up so I can get me a cow. LOL!

Well, and find me the hosing and a good deal on a vaccuum pump, or figure out how to hook it up to a shop-vac like somebody told me once. LOL!

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 04, 2001


I haven't had a chance to read the posts this week, so catching up here. I saw your post about the great deal you got on the milker. You did great, those milkers sell for over 100.0o on e-bay. What kind is it? if you need help finding a pump e-mail me and let me know, i have a few sources. I hope to get to read the posts here more often, but am back to the grind of work after 3 months off almost after we moved here to AR from VA.

Take care.


-- Bernice (geminigoats@yahoo.com), August 04, 2001.

Sojourner hay girl you did good thats what i made my sti er i mean water distiler out of Bob se,ks.

-- Bobco (bobco@hit.net), August 05, 2001.

Hey, Bernice. Yeah, I know, I have looked at them on e-bay in the past, even broken crummy looking ones go for pretty "good" money. I'm real pleased with this, now its time for me to break out my book on refurbishing bucket milkers and REALLY give it a good going over. I know there are all sorts of seals and things, all rubber parts are absent, but all the metal parts look good.

The controller thingy (aren't you impressed by my grasp of the correct technical terms? LOL!) says "surge" on it, though the bucket part itself says something else, starts with a "P", can't remember and too lazy to go look right now. >:D So I guess its safe to say I got a Surge bucket milker, a pretty common one so parts should not be hard to find.

Hope you're new job is going well, I'm working at my first "real" (e.g. not in a restaurant) job since moving here three years ago, and it is going pretty well for me, but you're right, going back to "work" (like I didn't work out here pleny already, LOL!) really eats up your time. Which part of Arkansas did you move to? Bob, I'm sure it makes a fine sti... errr WATER DISTILLATION UNIT. LOL! The lady at the store told me some folks use them for fish cookers. I think I'll just use mine to milk. LOL!

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 05, 2001.

Hey There..... glad things are going well with you and your job. I had to go back to work to rest up from working on the farm. We moved to northern Arkansas, Yellville, near Bull Shoals lake. i really love it here, so beautiful, but right now the heat is kicking my butt... too hot... has been 100 for over a week almost and no relief in sight. hoping the tropical storm will blow some coller air this way.

The milker bucket sounds like the one we have, its a surge. i need to get parts for it too. Just have the metal teat holders, needs inflations and a few other things plus vacuum pump and pulsator. We use a conde portable milker right now. i was about to die last May when we got 7 new heavy milkers each milking almost 2 gallons a day. My hands would hurt so bad and my fingertips went numb. I wa smilking 18 by hand 2x's a day. Believe it or not, I can understand your descriptions... LOL:):) Take care.


-- Bernice (geminigoats@yahoo.com), August 05, 2001.

For parts, check this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&item=1622855806

Hope it helps!

-- Joy F [in So. Wisconsin] (CatFlunky@excite.com), August 07, 2001.

I see this post is rather old, but if your still looking for milker parts, surge or whatever, I have lots of it. Just e-mail me, I get pretty good prices on ebay and other sites, but I got enough to give a fellow teat-puller a good deal (if you ever found a cow). {:-)

-- Bill Ewald (bewald@prodigy.net), February 04, 2002.

Check out:




for parts.

The vac pumps are $$$. I'm looking into small piston vac pumps at Grainger.com

-- Greg (vitech@fuse.net), May 30, 2002.

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