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I came across your page: Black and White Reversal Techniques

where you say:

``I've shot a few test rolls now, and reversal processed them. The silver solvent in the first developer is NOT necessary. I have been using Rodinal as the first developer; Generally, my processing temperature is around 16C. For time, I add one minute to the 18C time for intermittent agitation (inversion/small tank) and throw the tank on a motor base for continuous agitation.''

I have a few questions about your experience:

1. Is the dilution of Rodinal with water the standard 1+25 as per normal negative development or is it different?

2. Consulting the Rodinal information for negative development at 18 degrees C and 1+25 for APX 25 development time listed is 7 mins (for APX 100 it is 10 minutes). Do those times about right?

3. Please confirm continuous agitation during first development required?

4. For the second development what paper developer did you use?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'd be glad to report back my experiences if your interested.

Thanks, Grant Pease

-- Grant Pease (, August 04, 2001

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