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If you're broke and don't have a job, how do you raise money here and there or if you have a job, how much do you get paid? Are you broke all of the time? Talk about your money issues...

-- Jen (, August 03, 2001


mmm, well, the more money i make, the more "necessary" expenses i end up having. i work in a veterinary clinic in kalamazoo, and i don't know how much i make anymore. it comes out to about $1200/mo. rent is $410, but my gf and i split that. then bills, bills, bills.

for a short time i ran my own pet sitting business, which is a tricky way to make money, tax free, without really having a boss.

when i was 14 i wanted a job really badly but couldn't find anyone to hire me because i was too young, so i took a position volunteering at an aviary, and the owner soon learned i was such a hard worker that she would slip me a $20 or buy me dinner whenever she could afford it.

for a short time i had a credit card with which to spend money that i didn't have, but that was so not a good idea.

i sometimes found chores around the house and conned my mother into paying me to do them. or washing the cars, or whatever.

mm. it's time to go to subway.

-- emily (, August 07, 2001.

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