LOP&G Using Concrete Coaling Tower

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I have a copy of a photo showing LOP&G #100 at a concrete coaling tower. The photo is titled as being at Foley in January 1947. I really doubt the Lopin' Gopher had its own concrete coaling tower at Foley or anywhere else. I presume it's using an ACL or SAL facility. Since the LOP&G conneceted with the ACL at both Perry and Live Oak, and with the SAL at Live Oak, I am curious as to which of the two it is. My hunch would be for the Perry end, but I'd appreciate anyone who can throw light o

-- Larry Brennan (lpbrennan@aol.com), August 03, 2001


Although I was around at the time, I don't have an exact date or any documentation to support this, but I'm sure it was demolished in 1955. As the remaining steam engines were being scrapped at this time there was no reason to keep the coal chute in operation.

-- Russell Tedder (srtedder@arkansas.net), August 08, 2001.

Well, I apologize for underestimating the Lopin' Gopher! (By the way- for you non-Floridians: When we say gopher, we are referring to a species of burrowing turtle.) Is the tower still standing? If not, when was it remov

-- Larry Brennan (lpbrennan@aol.com), August 05, 2001.

Larry, you have underestimated the Lopin' Gopher. The concrete coaling tower was indeed located at Foley, Fla., location of the roundhouse and shops of LOP&G and its owner, Brooks-Scanlon, Inc. It was erected about 1942-43 when LOP&G and and Brooks-Scanlon converted from wood to coal. It was to be short lived as the road's first diesels, GE 70-tonners #300 and #301 arrived in 1946. However, steam engines continued to be used in standby service and on seasonal jobs. Brooks-Scanlon still operated a few log trains on the LOP&G in the early 1950s. Thus the coaling tower remained in use until 1954 when the LOP&G was acquired by Southern (GS&F) and all of Brooks-Scanlon's engines had been retired. The remaining LOP&G steam engines were scrapped in 1955.

-- Russell Tedder (srtedder@arkansas.net), August 05, 2001.

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