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Hi all,

I have just purchased a HO scale Proto 2000 GP7 in ACL purple & silver (my wife loves the paint scheme), and would like to know if ACL ran these units with passenger cars. I am considering some of the Budd cars that Walthers is producing.

Any knowledge is much appreciated!


-- Vince Wehnes (, August 02, 2001


Consult Mr. Goolsby's book page 92 1952 Photo with lw coachs. Caption with photo p 93 for 1957 consit indicates County seriers sleepers used. Might the hw head end car be C-6 paint sceme? Even if not, very little {if any)artictic license would be necessary for a purple FP7, C-6 head end car, a couple of purple letter board coaches and a similar sleeper

Purple Reigns!

-- Barrett Bowden (, October 26, 2001.


As described in my ACL passenger service book, ACL used GP7s in the "purple era" (1950s) on a number of secondary, heavyweight trains plus some mixed trains. The only instance I know of where a GP7 was used to pull a train with lightweight cars was assignment of a geep for a while in the mid-1960s to the short Naples-Lakeland connecting section of the Champion. The engines were painted black by then.

-- Larry Goolsby (, August 02, 2001.

yes, some (i dont know the numbers) had steam generators so they could be used in passenger service

-- troy nolen (, August 02, 2001.

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