(sorta off topic ansco 6X9 box camera F-stop? shutter speed?

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Hi, I know this may be slightly off topic on a kodak brownie site, but it seems like a good resource for info on box cameras. I have an Ansco 6X9 box camera w/ one f-stop and one shutter speed. I am trying to find out A "ballpark" range of f-stop & shutter speed (or exact if someone actually knows it) to begin shooting with. There is no other ID markings other than "ansco" on the body. It is cardboard, with two ground-glass "windows" (vertical and landscape) to frame with. If anybody knows, I'd really appreciate it if you dropped me a line. I'm anxious to start shooting, but I hate wasting film doing test roll after test roll. Thanks, Ed G.

-- ed gendron (egendron@vt.edu), August 02, 2001


Hi, Ed, I personally think you're getting too bogged down with the technological aspects of box camera photography, specifically because there ARE no technical aspects! I have a number of box cameras and have gotten wonderful pictures from all of them, most recently a No. 2 Brownie Model F. I just assumed that the lens aperture (you can't really call it an "f-stop") was small and took it outside on a sunny day to use it. I would recommend that you *do* run a test roll through it, as soon as possible, if you are as eager to get started as you say. Leave technicalities to more advanced cameras and just go out and shoot. Good luck and have fun!

-- Peter Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), August 18, 2001.

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