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i live in the clinton area of arkansas and i am noticing a large amount of clay in the soil here. i was wondering if i could use it to make dishes(among other things) for mostly decorative uses. i haven't ever made anything out of clay. i dont even know how to clean the clay so that it would be useable. i also dont have a kiln, but could possibly build one (maybe out of cob if that is possible). any information would be helpful and appreciated. thanks in advance, kathy p.

-- kathy p. (, August 01, 2001


Sometimes adult education classes given at the local schools have courses on pottery making. Also check out your local library for how to books.Beyond these ideas, I am not very knowlegeable on pottery making. Kate

-- Kate henderson (, August 01, 2001.

Our local high school offered adult ed pottery and basket making. Check with your local system there.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, August 01, 2001.

Kathy~ There is a book by Bernard Leach, "Pioneer Pottery" that describes cleaning and separating clays. Also brick-making, firing, kiln building, the works. I have seen it at public libraries.

-- Ivey Nelson (, August 02, 2001.

The Foxfire series has some in it about digging a clay pit and making a kiln, don't know which one it is.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (, August 02, 2001.

Hi Kathy I don't know anything about pottery just wanted to say hi,lol. We live just outside of Damascus,AR and don't often see any subject from this area. I doubt that the library in Clinton has anything on pottery making but you might try inter-library loan. Good luck.

-- Wynema Passmore (, August 03, 2001.

Hi Kathy, is, or was there ever, a brickworks in your area? If so then that might be a fairly good indication that your clay would be suitable for pottery.

-- john hill (, August 03, 2001.

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