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I have a Sony DSR-30 Digital VCR which records on Standard and mini size DVCAM Cassettes (as recommended by Sony). It also records on DV cassettes (although the recording time is 2/3 shorter than the printed one, eg. 40 min recodring on a 60 min cassette). I had the following questions: 1. Is recording on DVCAM cassettes much better than on DV cassettes or is it comparable? 2. Are other brands like Panasonic DV cassettes comparable to Sony DVCAM cassettes? The reason is I am getting Sony Mini DVCAM Cassettes for about $14 (the ones without memory) & the panasonic DV cassettes are about $7 (or even $5!).

Thanks, -BJ.

-- James Bond (bondj303@yahoo.com), August 01, 2001


DVCAM cassettes are, essentially, a high grade DV tape. Same basic format but higher density recording material, heavier binder, better shell and superior album box. The same can be said for the Panasonic professional line of DV (with the exception of the album box). Since the Panasonic professional/master series is much less expensive than DVCAM, you might consider that. If you switch brands, however, be sure to use a head cleaner.

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-- Craig Berlin (craigbNO SPAM@pro-tape.com), August 18, 2001.

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