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What can you tell me about Candida Albicans? I have seen a Naturopath who wants to treat me for it, but I would like to do more research before I jump into treatment for something I'm not sure about. I have read quite abit of information and also talked to several people who are also being treated for Candida. Yet there is alot of information that suggests that it is not a real condition. Does anyone have any evidence or personal experience with it that could help me understand it better?

-- (, August 01, 2001


Candida is certainly real.

What it is and how to tackle it is controversial. Maybe that's why some doctors don't want to acknowlege candida. Thay are intimidated by the things that they cannot easily explain or give you a drug for.

I'm not sure what causes candida, but here's one theory. It's not a complete dignosis and cure, but this is what I tend to believe right now: the body becomes dry in certain places, than there are small craks in those dry places. Where these cracks occur there are small pools of blood. The candida is a fungus that arises from the body to consume these pools of blood. The candida is needed for this purpose, and it needs to run its course.

-- Rick#7 (, August 01, 2001.

Trigger, read a book called "The Yeast Connection". We've never taken the anti-yeast meds, but members of our family used the yeast-free diet outlined in the book and felt MUCH better.

-- helpful (help@others.out), August 09, 2001.

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