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The film I used is brand new - exp. 2002. Please help.


After I peel off the negative, the transfer looks extremely soft (not in focus) and yellowish which is not support to be (my slide is a clear blue sky). Can anyone suggest what went wrong? The film I used is Polarcolor 125 (=669 in the US).

-- Travis Lee (, August 01, 2001


I don't have an answer, but would like to contribute in the sense that I have a similar question. I just started doing image transfers (with a Vivitar slide printer). I screwed up the first transfer when the negative peeled up and rolled over the brayer; what remained looked like the right colors, however. The other ones I've done tend to take on a dark yellow hue which isn't at all what the actual polaroids look like when I do tests.

I'm using Polacolor 679; I was told by the photo store that it's more or less the same as 669 (besides, they were out of 669). I'm using Arches hot press paper.

If anyone can tell me -- is it the water I use? the time I let the print sit after the transfer and before peeling it off the paper? or should I just go get a pack of 669 and try again? Thanks, M.

-- Marc Johnson (, July 05, 2002.

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