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Reading over the Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Train Equipment Assignments for 1960 disclosed an interesting note for the consist of the Miamian. The forward half of the train was designated to carry at least four 4 Double Bedroom 4 Compartment 2 Drawing room cars-all to be equipped with Steam Ejector type air conditioning! Now, the number of roads owning 4-4-2 cars was limited to begin with and when you limit the cars to steam ejector AC, then you are talking Santa Fe.

Sooooo-Did Uncle John Santa Fe contribute some 4-4-2 cars for use on this train during the winter season of 1960? If so, do we know the names(all Southwestern Indian)of the cars and best of all-any photos out there?

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, July 31, 2001


All I can find (according to Welch's book) PRR Imperial series sleepers were numberous on Florida trains.Imperial Loch as an example. UP North Beach,Figueroa,Olivera,Verdugo and Palos Verdes were assigned to Florida service. NYC Suspension Bridge on Miamian 12/60 ATSF Hualpai on FS 1/59 All 4-4-2 cars.

No other information nor photos. As noted above,if one ATSF car was down here,there must have been others,but I can find no documentation.

-- J.Oates (, July 31, 2001.

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