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I am very interested in purchasing an MV in spring of 2002. Will there be progress made on the models for this model year in terms of HP/mechanics? I'm interested in four factors before buying one of these motorcycles. One, will MV be around in a couple years? Two, What's going on with Cagiva? Three, do any of the bikes run correctly? Four, how are the dealers treating you all and the supposed warranty that comes with the bike? I've read many articles and done the research on the bike, but I still hear of on going issues with the bikes mechanics. I recently found the special parts page to be interesting and more proof to myself that the company is going forward not back. Should I stick to my duck or risk this bike in spring? Thank you for any help any of you may have for me on these issues. Christian-

-- Christian H. (, July 31, 2001


I've been through a little bit with the F4. The main problem in my situation is the lack of a nearby dealer. I think this goes hand in hand with a rare Italian manufacturer selling in a foreign country. I doubt if the situation is the same in Italy. In general, anything new that is introduced will have its growing pains. The only recall, a minor one at that, was that of the oil filter. I am sure that the dealer network will grow and MV Agusta will flourish for a long time.
The F4 inspires so much confidence in my riding. The joy of owning such a machine, the way it looks, the way it handles, the way it performs, cannot be put into words.

-- mod (, August 03, 2001.

1)will MV be around in a copule of years?? who knows but I would guess yes 2)Cagiva took a stake, so more cash for MV, = good thing, will help with 1 above 3) my bike runs just fine and always have. I know a few owners have had trouble and their problems are well expalianed on this list, the Casoli list and the e-groups list. Howevere those of us who have no problems don't keep sending posts saying so. So far my 1+1 has been perfect. Note however that mine is a "later" bike (after august last year) and many mods and changes had been made by then. That is what one would expect with a brand new design. Only been one recall, for the oil filter mod, and again mine wasn't a problem anyway. Most people who had problems had early bikes. 4) dealers are how dealers are, go0od ones and bad. I think I have now found a good one and am sticking with him. Note that this applies to any make of bike. 5) This is a motorbike, go with your heart, not your head. I did and have no regrets

-- willy (, August 01, 2001.

I bought one just a month ago. Given that the bike runs perfectly and looks like the most beautiful bike ever made let's talk a second about the future of MV. Last week Piaggio bought 20% of MV which means everything but bad news.. Piaggio will provide all the cash needed to improve MV capability in this very competitive market. This is a wonderful piece of news. I cannot judge about dealers as I live in Italy where I suppose assistance and services are much more efficient than any other country in the world (just beacause both cagiva and MV are italian...). So far I'm extremely happy. If you have in mind to buy a racing bike, you have what you want! Alfredo

-- alfredo paramico (, August 01, 2001.

You probably won't find many people on this site that will try to talk you out of buying a new MV Agusta and I'll tell you why I'm not one of them. I took delivery of my 2000 F4S in August of last summer. I've since logged nearly 4000 road miles on the bike with zero mechanical problems. The only gripe worth mentioning is the fact that some of the lower fairing body work has deformed slightly from the heat (my bike has both radiators but still runs hot at speeds below 60 mph). This problem is being addressed by my dealer here in the States and I've heard of some Euro bikes that have had the fairing(s) replaced under warranty. Speaking of dealers, it is especially important that yours be fully qualified to service this sophisticated machine. The mechanic from the shop where I purchased my bike has been to the Cagiva factory in Italy and is totally on top of every aspect of tuning the bike. In a couple days he will be fitting the CRC "open" pipes on my bike and making all the necessary adjustments to the fuel injection, etc.. This modification will hopefully provide more torque in the lower revs as that is the bikes most obvious weak spot (at least on the 2000 model). That might be a radical departure from what you're used to with your Ducati twin. Also, the power delivery and "feel" of the inline four takes some getting used to if you've been riding a twin (I rode a BMW boxer for ten years previous to this bike). The smoothness and suprising acceleration at the higher revs, together with the tightness of the chassis at speed, give this bike a personality that is not as quirky as some had expected, but instead feels thoroughly modern. This is an athletic bike that schools the rider every time out on it. I can't even think about selling mine, all I do is wonder, "where do I go from here?".

-- Chris Eden (, August 01, 2001.

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