Otis VIP260

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I have a VIP260 that would not accelerate. Seeing as though TD units are like hens teeth, a replacement circuit was designed, with two timers and a relay. This circuit works exceptionally well. But after fitting it, this lift would accelerate fine up to contract speed, but when it came to levelling in, it crash stopped about two feet from final floor level, outside the door zone. I checked the selector contacts and flexes, and found one of the SCC flexes open circuit, so I replaced it. Everything else seemed fine. Any ideas?

-- Justin Ward (Transitive@planetaccess.com), July 31, 2001


Problem solved !

found a carbon track between LVU contacts 3 and 4, shorting out the leveling ring contacts...

-- Justin Ward (Transitive@planetacces.com), August 03, 2001.

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