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The Special Parts website is up and running although there are no prices yet.

-- Miguel Bartoli (bartoli@gate.net), July 30, 2001


I belive you need Macromedia Shockwave Flash 3.0 It's a free download from www.macromedia.com
I belive the prices have been posted on the special parts site.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), August 06, 2001.

What is the address for this website?

-- Darrell Forbes (dachoklit1@hotmail.com), July 31, 2001.

The address for the MV Special Parts website is www.mvagusta-sp.com

-- Tom (threeroundburst@hotmail.com), July 31, 2001.

Has anybody bought anything off the site yet?It seem to be all up & running.

-- Ben Paul Thomas (Taliesin610@ic24.net), August 02, 2001.

I have checked out this site but I am not able to view any "special parts". Do I need a special viewer for my computer or am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your help. Todd

-- Todd G. Mazzola (tmazzola@doncasters.com), August 06, 2001.

I placed an order using the website last week and got an automated confirmation e-mail. (The site did not ask me for any credit card or payment information) Today I received an e-mail from a person detailing payment information (bank wire transfer). Hopefully I'll get my bank to do it this week and my parts should arrive soon. The e-mail stated that mvagusta-sp is on holiday for the month of August.

-- Tom (threeroundburst@hotmail.com), August 07, 2001.

all f italy is on holiday

-- david (dpnc99@aol.com), August 09, 2001.

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