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Started to get my life rebuilt early 2001, have no savings, but sold a few things so I could start up an ISA, chose Legal & General & sent minimum payment off. Two weeks later, get first letter from Eversheds, saying I owe Abbey sixty grand!!. I take extreme interest after noting that Eversheds are almost next-door to L&G in Cardiff. Anyway, last month I received my Sarn from Abbey, and on one of the screen dumps, I see that the MIG company are L&G!!! It looks like there are a lot of close contacts and chatting in Cardiff so I would urge anyone to think about this before selecting a financial product such as an ISA. Can they take my ISA money?

Also be aware of any research calls by a person claiming to be from Experian doing "research" over the phone, I got sucked into it and received my letter from Eversheds one week later.

Also, could anybody update me on the pressure group forming against abbey for a civil suit on Human rights?. It has been mentioned on the site but I just wanted to hear more.


-- Not Likely (, July 30, 2001


Very useful information NL. Anyone seeking further info should look elsewhere on the site in the you and your credit, blacklisted, debt collection areas. Essentially, any financial application is likely to result in a run by experian et al, with the result that if anybody has a 'flag' out on you, then the alarm will go off... letter to follow etc etc

-- (, July 30, 2001.

I'd just love to be involved in anything like a Human Rights Action against Abbey.

Count me in.

-- anon (, July 30, 2001.

So would I, the more I read this site the stronger I get. Thanks to everyone.

-- Hope Davies (, July 31, 2001.

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