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Has anyone ever used Polaroid 689 film to do image transfers? If so, how does it differ from using 669. Thanks

-- martha wood (martha@en.com), July 30, 2001


I was told (from Polaroid) that all films that end in 9 will work...

-- Emmanouil Skoufos (emmanouil@biowriters.com), August 14, 2001.

I have been working on the transfers with 689 film. I was getting nowhere and decided to try leaving the picture to develop longer before peeling the two sides apart. It never occurred to me, the 689 has a suggested developement time of 90 seconds, not 60. so it is working out now, little by little. practice with longer developement times.

-- Sara Minarik (saraturtle@mac.com), April 17, 2002.

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