Which is a better lens: MD 20mm f2,.8 or MC 21mm rokkor

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Hello I need some advice. Which is a better lens: MD 20 mm f2.8 or MC 21 mm f 2.8 rokkor-X or MC 21 mm f2.8 NL rokkor.

I am looking for the following: wide angle photos with minimum fish eye effect i.e minimum rounding at edges


-- Venkat Reddy (venkat.reddy@yale.edu), July 30, 2001


I picked up the 20mm, but based on other factors: filter size, lens size overall, newer coating, and wider angle. A far as fisheye effect, I haven't noticed much; as long as I am careful to take level photos the distortion is minimal. Of course if you take a picture at the foot of a building looking straight up you will notice a lot of parallel conversion.

-- Christian Deichert (torgophile@aol.com), October 02, 2001.

Look tru da lensssss, dummy!

And decide FOR YER SELF!

-- Ami Sperminberg (crack_ass@hotmail.com), April 12, 2002.

all in good fun. no need to be pissed off.

the truth is:

mc's and md's are nearly interchangable. the mc's are the older version of two. The one real big difference is that I cannot use shutter priority on my Minolta xd-11 with the mc's, so I tend to like md's better. however, I have a beautiful 21mm mc f2.8 rokkor-x which I love dearly. Sorry, but I don't really know anything about what NL stands for, so I can't help you there.

As for the distortion question:

both 20mm and 21mm are wide angle lens not fisheyes. anything 15mm-19mm is super wide. anything under 15mm is fisheye.

-- ami ima (crack_ass@hotmail.com), April 17, 2002.

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