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I'm looking for Sailor Beware(1956) or Panic in the Parlor(as it's known in the USA) on vhs. It's Michael's first film(although only a bit part)and has been deleted for some time.

Can anyone help?

-- Darren Cook (, July 29, 2001


Response to Need help locating a video

The main British site is the British Board of Film Classification ( who will tell you whether a film has been classified for release in the UK.

Sailor Beware was originally submitted for film classification in 1956 and required cuts (but passed when resubmitted). There's no record for it subsequently being submitted for video classification, so it's unlikely it's ever been released in the UK on video.

If you want to do more digging, the British Film Institute website ( has a list of searchable databses you can try.

-- Marjorie Johns (, July 30, 2001.

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