What does this mark in Chopin's Mazurka mean?

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There is a mark in Chopin's Mazurka Op 17 No 4, where there is a little squiggly mark above the B. Can someone check it out at this URL and tell me what it means to do? http://www.hanson.net/users/zeldah/Mazurka.jpg

It sounds really funning in the recordings.

-- Zeldah Hanson (slw@cape.com), July 29, 2001


Also...what is the mark called?

-- hanson (slw@cape.com), July 29, 2001.

Oops spelling error...Funning=funny

-- Zeldah Hanson (slw@cape.com), July 29, 2001.


It's a trill mark.

Regards, Mike

-- Mike Pappadakis (mpappada@thomastechsolutions.com), July 30, 2001.

I figured it was a trill mark but, all the rest of the trills in the songs are indicated by tr. And the recording does not sound like a trill in that place. Maybe it just means a short trill......

-- hanson (slw@cape.com), July 30, 2001.

it's a turn. (there're 2 kinds of turn: upper turn & lower turn) of course you can call it a trill. but more accurate is TURN.

-- kimchino (kimchi_hk@hotmail.com), October 27, 2002.

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