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The Basherama! is the forum of all KLMBH members. So why is it we have to press gang people into writing scribe reports? Get your 15 minutes (or 1 month) of fame in the next Basherama! Ed. doesn't edit that much unless the topic is waaay of base. Let's put it this way, if Ed. can work 12 hours a day and still put out the Basherama!, I'm sure someone could crank (no pun intended) out something!

-- Fuji (, July 28, 2001


Some are too lazy Some can't write Some can't think Some ride with their eyes closed! Some can't remember Some are not creative (unlike our dear ole Ed!) I have been thinking about the write ups, and we must miss some good stuff. For example I think Scott is writing up the last ride, however he blasted the trail and came in hours (almost)ahead of the rest of the bunch, so his write up is likely to focus on the actual trail, rather than some of the interesting happenings. Perhaps we could encourage as many as are willing to submit one or two sentences which could be added to the main scribes comments, just to add in more of the interesting elements of the ride which occur right through the group and the ride.

-- RocketBoy (, August 09, 2001.

Welcome to the world wide world of hash. This is the rubbish which we have to endure, like it or not!

On On.

-- creature (, August 13, 2001.

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