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Further to my unanswered post below ("Citibank are very confused"), after a couple of weeks' leisurely reflection, I figure the best option is to write to citibank's DPA lady again referring her to the letter sent us by another dept in her company, and pointing out her mistake? As they haven't made any other answer, it looks like we've frightened them back into their dungheap for another 5 years 11 months otherwise, and we do really want to take them by the throat - purely metaphorically of course ; ) and get this whole misunderstanding sorte out. Please answer! If you think this is the wrong approach I need to know this week, and if you think it's the right approach I'd still like a bit of support! Any comments welcome, especially from you, citibank, you shy old international corporation, you! Thanks,

-- Melody Clarke (mbc109@york.ac.uk), July 28, 2001


Well done Melody, I admire anyone who can get one of the institutions on the run. I would be inclined to issue an ultimatum of either 'put up or shut up'. If they come back to you after 5 years 11 months and take it further it will show that they have acted unreasonably in the past. I would also be inclined to point out that it is an offence to demand money or property under false pretences.

Good luck

-- JonS (j.k.s@ic24.net), July 31, 2001.

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