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Just kinda hit me the other day, but we have alot of small towns with strange names, here. Don't know if there was a South American influence, the founding people were world travelers (or wished they were), or if they just had a strange sense of humor!!! We've got within a 20 mile radius of Peru (see what I mean), Denver, Mexico, Santa Fe, and Chilli (pronounced ChI-lI, with a long I, by the natives). There's a Brazil, Ind. south of here, also. Was showing my MIL around the other day and I told her, "You go north to Mexico and East to Denver." Cracks me up. Do you all have any small towns around, with any unusual names?

-- Annie (, July 26, 2001


We're real international in northern NYS, too, Annie. Let's see: Antwerp, Mexico, Carthage, Copenhagen, Madrid (pronounce MAA-drid)and Chaumont. Chaumont (next town over from me)was named for LeRay de Chaumont, a Frenchman who owned a large chunk of northern NYS at one time. Don't know the origins of the others, but I'll bet in a lot of cases it was people just homesick, or who wanted a reminder of the Old Country. Kind of neat, though, isn't it? :)

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, July 26, 2001.

I use to live in Moscow, Michigan. Isn't that an oxymoron???

-- Karen (, July 26, 2001.

well,, ,not too far from me,, HOXYVILLE,, IRONS, LUTHER, LEROY,, dont have a clue where those came from

-- Stan (, July 26, 2001.

Well I live equally close to Monkey's Eyebrow and Possum Trot, and my community used to be called Stringtown and Pistol City.

-- Debbie (, July 26, 2001.

Hey Stan, I wonder if Luther and Leroy were brother!!!???? hee hee All of these names are so funny.

-- Annie (, July 26, 2001.

Peculiar, Missouri.

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), July 26, 2001.

I know a woman who lives in Honor,....and she has a brother in would I kid you????...nope!

-- Jim -mi (, July 26, 2001.


From a fellow Hoosier, how about Frenck Lick, Wakarusa, Loogootee, Paletine (not Palestine), Wawaka, Bippus and Zulu?

-- Gary in Indiana (, July 26, 2001.


I almost forgot Turkey Run, home of Turkey Run State Park, no less. ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (, July 26, 2001.

We have a Turkey in Texas (Home of Bob Wills).

My mail is out of Valley Spring. Valley Spring is a composite of two earlier communities, Bugscufle and Whistleville.

-- paul (, July 27, 2001.

Both Hell and Paradise are located in Michigan.

-- Sherri C (, July 27, 2001.

When we lived in Maryland there was a small town near us named "Boring". They had one church. We use to think how awful it must be to have to say you went to the "Boring" Methodist Church.

-- Terry - OH (, July 27, 2001.

All these names are so funny, makes you wonder how they got them. Near here there is also a town, or rather a wide place in the road, named "Tin Cup". For years they had a population sign that they would mark over as the population rose or decreased. I think the highest was around 15 or 20. There's also a town called "Twelve Mile', I wonder what it was 12 miles from?

-- Annie (, July 27, 2001.

How about Plain Dealing ? Where is fancy dealing ? Nacadoches Natchitoches Bunky / Named after a little girls monkey , she called him Bunky Big george

-- George Wilson (, July 27, 2001.

Have you ever been to Possum Grape, Arkansas Sherry

-- sherry (, July 27, 2001.

Let's see, without pulling out the big state map of Florida a few off the top of my head that I've been in or through are:

Yeehaw Junction



Red Head

Green Head (about five miles from Red Head)

Two Egg


-- Live Oak (, July 27, 2001.

How 'bout Big Bone Lick in N. Ky.

-- Rog (, July 28, 2001.

Hee hee, I wanta live in Yeehaw Junction! Can you imagine tellin some city slickers that, or some of the other places?! Lord, you gotta love peoples sense of humor when they named these places.

-- Annie (, July 28, 2001.

Belcherville, Texas is just a few miles from my home.

-- Nancy in Texas (, July 28, 2001.

Yep, Sherry, I've been to Possum Grape a number of times. Used to live at Antioch in White County.

In Arkansas, I have seen a Maggot Slough. In Mississippi, Panther Burn that I think is in Ittabena County. Missouri has so many names that are fun: Versailles, pronounced Ver-sales, Athens (Long A- thens), Memphis, Louisiana, Cuba, Peculiar as Sojourner mentioned, and that's just what comes to mind without looking at a map. There is a Blue Eye but it's right on the Arkansas/Missouri border. We have a Humansville, too. Maybe in the next township they should start a town for bovines called Cowtown but that usually has another meaning.

-- marilyn (, July 29, 2001.

Oh, I forgot Toad Suck, a town that used to be near Conway AR. Before a bridge was built nearby over the Arkansas River, the locals crossed on the Toad Suck Ferry. Conway has a Toad Suck Daze festival every summer. We went one year just so my husband could get a T-shirt and say he'd gone. I don't need such notoriety, thanks.

I heard once that the country singer Conway Twitty chose that stage name by combining the names of Conway AR and Twitty TX. Not a fan of that style of country music so I don't know if it's true.

One of the more euphonic names I've ever heard was Eagle Point OR. It's north of Medford.

-- marilyn (, July 29, 2001.

OK, these are just the ones that are in the family, where we have relatives, that is:

Accident, MD

Fly, OH

Gortner, MD

Malaga, OH

Reedy, WV

Wana, WV

Red House, WV

Bayard, WV

Can ya tell I got lots of hillbilly relations?

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, July 29, 2001.

How about some more Fl. names Thonotosassa Ikabucasassa Trillicoochee Withalacoochee Homosassa Lacoochee and Kissimmie One from Tn. ...Bucksnort Blessings Peggy

-- peggy (, July 30, 2001.

Sandwitch IL. Teapot dome Michigan

-- ed (, July 30, 2001.

Christmas, Florida

-- annette G (, August 01, 2001.

I just visited a friend in Poetry, Texas. Didn't think to ask about the origin of the name.

-- Elizabeth (, August 02, 2001.

no joke!!! here in austria there is a place called "Fucking" (you pronounce it with a "u")!

-- gayatri (, August 03, 2001.

How about HOOKER, OAKLAHOMA; or HURRICANE, UTAH; or INTERCOURSE,PENNSLYVANNIA; or MOOSE PASS, ALASKA:: And you can find many more towns of interest too, just by visiting my website. It is "SMALL TOWNS of the USA by Dean" and you can visit it by typing in "".. In my site you can find links to these towns and many more.. They all have very good websites..Hooker, Ok. advertises that they are "A place, not a profession".. Please vist my site, and "HAPPY TRAVELING". Dean.

-- Dean (, September 08, 2001.

I lived in a town called Opp Alabama, I drove through a city named Dildo Key in florida...

-- Matt Courson (, October 03, 2001.

I used to live in Fiddletown and I worked in Cabbage Patch.

-- Laura (, October 09, 2001.

There are a few contenders for the longest place name in the world and this one is from New Zealand:


The approximate translation is "the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as 'landeater,' played his flute to his loved one."

-- john hill (, October 12, 2001.

There are a few towns in Missouri that fit your category, I know of a Knob Lick, Knob Noster, & Pilot's Knob...I guess they like thier knobs,huh?

-- Joe Blake (, October 12, 2001.

Well..believe it or not, I lived in..ready for it? -Spotsylvania-, Virginia. And no, it's not as small as it seems. I now live in Hershey, Pa..hearing names like Intercourse, Littiz, Scotland, Nazareth, PA..

-- Luciette (, November 10, 2001.

Humptulips, in Washington state. Drain, in Oregon. Kalamazoo, in Michigan (as in "I got a gal in...").

-- Miserable SOB (, November 12, 2001.

I used to live in a small town called Crows Nest in Queensland, Australia. Other weird Australian town names are: Oodnadatta, South Australia Thursday Island, Queensland Wagga Wagga, New South Wales Wycheproof, Victoria (pronounced Witch-e-proof) Town of 1770, Queensland And there is a place in Brisbane, Queensland called Slaughter Falls.

-- Tammy (, November 17, 2001.

88, Kentucky----One of the founders supposedly had 88 cents in his pocket when they were trying to pick a name. Go figure?

-- Doug in KY (, November 30, 2001.

Here in Western Washington, I live in a small town called Olalla...Purdy is to the south, Port Orchard is to the North...In Eastern Washington there is a tiny town called George, and the small cafe there is called Martha's...

Cory Wilson, Washington State

-- Cory Wilson (, January 31, 2002.

I was borned and raised in a white house in Red House, WV and our neighbor had a blue house.

-- Gene Roush (, February 06, 2002.

i went to this place near canada called enemavile the town fucking loved enemas!!!! it was stupid because where ever you whent you could by enema stuff!!!!

-- dan w (, February 16, 2002.

I live near Winchester,Va. There is a small village here called Frog Eye. On Rt 74 in WV, there is a place called Mountain and up the road a couple of miles is a place called Mole Hill. I've been to Romance,WV., Suck Bottom, WV. Old Rag Mt.,Va.

-- Roger Allen (, April 08, 2002.

I'm from Ontario Canada, the closest small town with a weird name to me, is: Haileybury. (Halle Berry) lol

-- Angie (, June 26, 2002.

There is also another strange one in Pennsylvania. It is called Blue Balls.

-- Marlisa (, July 19, 2002.

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