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I just one one of these on Ebay. I have no idea how to use it. I've ordered 127 B&W film from B&H as well. I ordered three rolls, in case I mess up, and for playing with the camera. How far away from the subject should I be - minimum/maximum? With the shutter button on the bottom, under the lens, do any of you experience blurred pictures from jerking the camera? Is it easy to hold steady while you press? Is this strictly an outdoor - bright light camera? Any/all assistance would be greatly appreciated!

-- Dawn Baumbach (, July 25, 2001


Hello Dawn,

I can identify with your upcoming project. I have purchased three of these cameras in the last several months. I, too, had bought some 127 film - a roll of Kodak Color (unsure of the speed) and some B&W which I didn't get to try. I found that you need to be a fair distance from your subject, and would recommend at least 8-10 feet based on my experience. My pictures also displayed some blurriness, and I am not sure if this was due to camera shake or not. It is a fairly small camera, as I am sure you already know. To do it again, I would definitely use a very firm rest in taking your shots. To me, the shutter button isn't real conducive to steady shots, based on it's design. I'd give it a try though. You might want to be sure that it is fairly bright out as well. It is definitely a kick to experiment, and that is exactly what you will need to do!

PS - I also kept a small piece of black electrical tape over the red window in between shots. Whether or not it is necessary, I wanted to insure that no stray light made it's way to the film.

Best of luck!


-- Ned Fenimore (, August 22, 2001.

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