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I am looking for a set of plans for a wherry. I like the looks of the Alden Wherry, but anything reasonably close would be welcome.

-- michael piasecki (wilcza54a@yahoo.com), July 25, 2001


I'm also looking for some plans. I like the look of the VeryWerry from Wayland Marine. Being in the UK it's looking a bit pricey to import the kit so I'm looking plans. I was also considering a decked in boat capable of open water. I'm afraid I haven't found any thing yet but I would be interested in any thing you have found so far.

Kind Regards Andy Bennett

-- Andy Bennett (ab@cetec.demon.co.uk), August 30, 2001.

Check out Woodenboat Magazine's net site (Woodenboats). They sell plans for a traditional construction wherry designed by Ken Bassett. The design is called "Liz"; ask for Woodenboat Plan Number 97. Cost is $90 plus S & H. Construction is traditional and the boat measures 18' x 38". Plans include full size templates for mold stations and the transom.

-- B Kilroy (bkilroy@Outdrs.net), September 12, 2001.

Chesepeak Light Craft and Pygmy boats sell wherry plans and kits. I haven't seen either boat but I have built a kayak from CLC and their kits are very good.

-- Robert Kettlerling (ketterling9@aol.com), February 03, 2002.

There are plans in the book Rip Strip and Row for a Cosine Wherry, (here's a link http://www.tamalvista.com/RSRpage.html) though it is a wider boat than the Alden Wherry.

-- Bob Chiang (rhc3@cornell.edu), May 02, 2002.

Try http://www.duck-trap.com

-- Trey Richardson (trichardson@rfdinc.com), January 18, 2005.

actually there was something very similar to the merry wherries in the UK recall seeing and add for what was called a "sprite" in an old issue of wooden boat

and whadayaknow google to the rescue http://www.woodenboatsuk.com/rowing.html

-- mike reiner (reiners@telus.net), January 19, 2005.

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