well pump installation

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I have had a well drilled and need to install the pump. I know I can do this, somehow, without contractors help (and expense). Has anybody been through this process?

-- Louis A Caldwell (lacald@usgs.gov), July 25, 2001


Is this a deep well or shallow well pump?

-- Gary (gws@redbird.net), July 25, 2001.

Hand pump? Deep well submersible, shallow jet, etc?? How is the well casing finished off at the top?


-- Jim (jiminwis@yahoo.com), July 25, 2001.

Try this site. http://www.pumpsonline.com/ You need to know if you are going to use a submersible pump or a jet pump. There are some sites on-line that have instructions for installing pumps. Do not put the sub. pump or jet/foot valve of the jet pump on the bottom of the well. Make sure you use a well cover to keep critters out of the well. You can purchase all of the equipment you need at a hardware store. If you can fit pvc pipe, you can do the installation.

-- Bart Dominick (Dominickwb@dot.state.sc.us), July 26, 2001.

Yes, hundreds of times


-- jumpoff joe (jumpoff@echoweb.net), August 05, 2001.

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