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I've been pulling these things up by the roots for a couple of years, and they keep returning, stronger than ever. They are "himalaya" blackberries. I just cut tthem all off at ground level with lopping shears, and wonder if there's anything I can put on the "stumps"?

thanks for any help!


-- jumpoff joe (, July 25, 2001



If you have a goat let them have at em..... I'm not familar with "himalaya" blackberries are they edible? If you're into wine making that's always an option.

Jim Tanner

-- Jim T (, July 25, 2001.

pig will root them up,, goats will eat em,, so will deer. Other than that,,, just let them go,, and eat well,,,('ll take some jam)

-- Stan (, July 25, 2001.

Thanks, folks,

I'd rather drive ten miles to gather blackberries than let them grow here. The himalaya blackberries are not native. Guess where they're from. They are extremely invasive. These were most likely brought in by the birds which are attracted to the area because of our irrigating, not to mention the bird feeders.

The berries are yummy, and prolithic. The thorns are fearsome. And if you don't get rid of them, they will end up taking over the world.

Beware! If I lose the battle, they'll be at YOUR house soon!


-- jumpoff joe (, July 25, 2001.

Try controlled burns combined with (*shudder*) goats.

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), July 25, 2001.

My advice don't bushog them They attack with all thorns on you. Still got the little necklace where they jumped me. :o)

Ours have returned after the burning. I think there out to rule the earth. LOL

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, July 26, 2001.

If want to use Round Up put it in a sponge top bottle' like Absorbine Jr. then just cut and dab, or rub onto leaves, it takes awhile but it will work and this won't kill other plants.

-- Thumper (, July 30, 2001.

Thumper, thanks for the tip. Do I have to buy absorbine jr. to get this type of applicator?

Sojourner, I already tried that. I couldn't get the goats to burn.


-- jumpoff joe (, July 31, 2001.

JOJ - I've found gasoline helps.


Although, come to think of it, roast goat isn't half bad ... >:D

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), July 31, 2001.

Using gasoline causes Mad Goat Syndrome... JOJ

-- jumpoff joe (, August 01, 2001.

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