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wooooooooo i have too many zucchinis. anybody else have that same problem? we've eaten them til we're sick of them. frozen, canned, freeze dried.

welllllllll folks, i have a new suggestion. here's the recipe:

as many zucchinis as you can gather. 1 pair sunglasses 1 raincoat 1 moderately fast car ( or pickup)

drive around until you find an unoccupied car someplace. quickly place the zucchini in the back seat. drive like hell !!!!

oh by the way, this also works for tomatos, green beans, etc.


-- gene ward (, July 25, 2001


How timely. I just made some zucchini cookies and will be baking four loaves of zucchini bread tomorrow. We use it for noontime sandwiches. Then there's zucchini pie that the dh just loves with ice cream after supper. It tastes just like apple and I'd have to buy the apple. That's no good! Saturday lunch during the summmer is always zucchini stix with dip. I shred and freeze all that we can grow for Sunday muffins in the winter. This year I will try slicing and freezing the zucchini that way to make the pies in the winter. There are several good zucchini cookbooks out there with lots of ideas. I just can't see wasting food of any sort.

-- Sandy Davis (, July 25, 2001.

Sandy, sure would like to have that zucchini cookie recipe. Thanks


-- lisa (, July 28, 2001.

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