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What ever happened to Building society N+P. A friend of mine is worried because they had a house repossed in 1993(keys handed in) and has never heard since though property was sold for HALF cost of arears and well below market value!

-- J Gleeson (j.gleeson@ntlworld.com), July 24, 2001


No idea what became of them - they were probably merged with another society.

I would,however, not be worried about them contacting you. As I said in my answer to the question below this one they are out of time. They have 6 years to contact you and are obviously too late. If you should get a letter about this then come back and we can help you.

-- vpc (vpc@ntlworld.com), July 25, 2001.

The N&P is now owned by Abbey National Building society.Apparently they merged a few years ago

-- (mamba@moss82.fsnet.co.uk), July 25, 2001.

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