What are you reading right now?

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What are you reading right now?

I'm reading Legends which is a collection of short stories. Check it out if you like fantasy!

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 24, 2001


I'm reading Valley of The Dolls...a cult classic from the seventies that's in revival. Check it out...it's terribly engrossing, and it's a good book for the beach ;)

-- Pei (pei@tryst.nu), July 25, 2001.

Ohh, that's been on my reading list for awhile. Cult books sometimes prove to be the best ;)

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 25, 2001.

I'm reading my bloody computer science textbook. I have forbidden myself from going to the library until after my exam next week.


-- Cyn (cyn@cyn.ca), July 25, 2001.

I say we hogtie, tar, and then feather your professor. yes.

-- Heather (fasthounds@charter.net), July 26, 2001.

I think he might actually enjoy that on some level. (Eep.)

-- Cyn (cyn@cyn.ca), July 26, 2001.

ew man, yuckkkkk heh

-- Heather (fasthounds@charter.net), July 27, 2001.

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