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I own a cabin in West Augusta Va that use to be the old station at Rockfish. This is confirmed by about 8 persons that helped build the house from the dismantled station. The roof on the cabin (visible at is truly authentic. When my brother and I took a good portion of it off to repair a leak we noted that all the tiles are imprinted on the back with “1917 Chicago Illinois”. You may not that the roof on my cabin matches the roof on the Amherst station in the picture on the web site I am interested in any pictures or history info on the Rockfish station. I need pics to find out if the post on the front porch came from the station. If you are interested in more details about other parts of the cabin’s train station parts etc. feel free to let me know.

Thank you, Morgan McComas

-- Morgan McComas (, July 24, 2001

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