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There is a lot of fanmail on the Sekonic L-508 inhere. Does anyone have experience with the new Gossen Starlite? How does it compare with the Sekonic L-508? It seems to be smaller and has better low-light conditions.

-- Karel de Vos (, July 24, 2001


Yes, I tried the Gossen Starlite for the same reasons: lighter weight and better low light sensitivity. In comparing the two I found the L- 508 superior in build quality and overall reliability. The Gossen has some neat features with highlight/shadow/averaging functions - very cool, very fun. However, I could not get consistent readings from it. I may have had a bad sample (the boxed was opened and badly worn, so who knows?). Also, I did not sense that it had much better low light sensitivity than the L-508 (this needs further testing). I decided to return the Starlite and get the new Sekonic L-608 (a dream!).

-- L. Wolfe (, July 24, 2001.

I recently purchased the Starlite and so far I love it. I actually purchased the L-508 first and then returned it in favor of the Starlite based solely on the Starlite's "Zone" function. Otherwise the two seemed very similar.

-- David Barfield (, July 27, 2001.

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