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I used to make the old-fashioned rag rugs on a loom that was given to me and had to sell it during one of our moves. I would like to get into weaving again but the prices of looms I have looked at on the net are all over $l000. Does anyone know of a cheaper source of looms that would weave up to 48" wide, I think called a two-harness loom. Also a source of the weaving supplies would be helpful. Any leads would be most welcome. Thanks so much. Rita

-- Rita in TN (, July 24, 2001


Rita, I have been trying to sell a heavy duty rug loom for a couple on months. Sorry I didn't think to post something on Countryside forum. It is counter balance loom it might only be 42 inches but it has 4 harness it is in storage. I'm sure it's complete as I've been careful to keep it all together. I would trade it for a smaller table loom or sell it for $400. I've seen the loom advertised in catalogues for $3500. It is call a Weaver's Delight and was made by Davenport Loom Co. after 1908. It's it very, very good shape.

Linda at peaceful valley

-- Linda at peaceful valley (, July 24, 2001.

Contact the Handweavers Guild of America at 770-495-7702 or and see if they can give you a list of Guilds in your area. I know they have these lists, but not sure if they're only available to members or not. In Wisconsin, we've got several weaving guilds and there's always someone in one or another that is selling used looms and equipment through their newsletters or word of mouth. Usually at much better prices than on the internet. The local guilds are also a great source of information, help and support if you haven't been weaving for awhile. I'm a weaver and currently use a 45" 4 harness LeClerc floor loom that I got second hand from an ad in a newspaper. You could also contact Handwoven Magazine at 970- 669-7672 and ask them for a sample copy. There are a lot of weaving suppliers advertising in there. I also know a woman at www.lambs- here in Wisconsin who sells looms and sometimes has used equipment. Not sure what the shipping cost would be, but you could give her a try. Good luck!

-- Rose Marie Wild (, July 24, 2001.

You might try They sell brand new two harness rug looms that will do up to 6 feet and weaving supplies.

-- scottland jerseys (, July 24, 2001.

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