I need patterns and some guidance in building myself some bent willow chairs

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I was wondering if anyone has any patterns and directions for making bent willow chairs...We have an abundance of willows on our property and I'm always looking for a beautiful place to sit after a long hot day....Thank you! Harmony

-- Harmony Bullington (harmonyfarm57@hotmail.com), July 23, 2001


I don't have any plans but have always enjoyed the rustic furniture. I am a woodworker, and have been wanting to build my own also. You should have a little faith in yourself and just start building. Common sense and some artistic ability goes a long way. Good luck, OAK

-- OAK (StrugglingOak@aol.com), July 23, 2001.

Several years ago there was a show called Appalachian Stories one of the epesodes was about making willow furniture. Also I think the Foxfire books have a section about willow furniture. I don't remember if Countryside ever had an article about it I'd be surprised if they did not. Have you checked the archives for this topic? I read something about this several years ago and it suggested that you could build a minature of the chair that you wanted to make. I tried this and was very disappointed in the results. I really like this style of furniture for porch setting. Linda at peaceful valley

-- Linda at peaceful valley (peacefulvalley3@yaho.com), July 24, 2001.

I did a search on my computer and under will furniture building there are a few sights to check out and Amazon.com has a book under the Rustic Home Series "Making Bent Willow Furniture. Worth checking out these different sights and the library and bookstore.

-- (normaj3@countrylife.com), July 24, 2001.

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