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Is it possible for me to find out from anyone other than the lender, when my repossesed property was actually sold?. I have sent my 4 to the Land registry but this just gives me the current owners. Abbey National claims it took over 4 years to sell my house. I have been doing some research and found that it sold it for approximately 25000 under the going rate for a house of the same type, around that date. Also if Abbey are using their solicitors to threaten me with legal action, despite them not answering Any of my requests or sending me the documents I have politely requested time & time again, can I sue them for harrasment?

Any help would be appreciated

-- Not Likely (, July 23, 2001


If Abbey tell you what it was sold for and when, I would probably accept this. You could go round and ask the owner politely, but IMHO Abbey are unlikely to risk providing misleading information that could subsequently be part of a court case; at least not information that could be easily disproved.

Again IMHO You can't sue somebody for harassment because they threaten you with legal action in what they view as a legitimate debt. You can, however, hold your ground and continue to write politely asking for the documentation to substantiate their claim so that you can consider it. A court of law would insist on them proving their claim if it went to court, and the Woolf reforms encourage both sides in a dispute to exchange information at their earliest opportunity to avoid the dispute escalating to the courts... so what you are asking for is perfectly reasonable. They are probably asking you to complete an I&E form, and you should politely decline... none of the information is factually relevant to their claim; its information they want to help them determine whether you have assets/income worth pursuing.

Just keep trudging along...

-- (, July 26, 2001.

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