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Hello everyone, I had just found countryside a month ago and bts weeks ago. I understand that people just move in different directions. I think this new forum is a great idea and Sojourner always has good advice and stories. We have a 15 acre farm on which we raise market produce and hay. We are just starting christmas trees. We do all our farming with 4 Belgian drafts. We also raise show hogs,(will have meat from naturally raised hogs in Oct for sale) Jacob sheep, 3 cows, Great Pyrnees dogs, and assorted chickens and turkeys. My husband runs a business for a cousin and I work in a foundry, third shift - very hot this time of year. We are trying to get our farm to a point that we can both stay home and work the farm. We are hoping to accomlish this within the next 50 years! I am always in need of advice and help and can hopefully help someone else along the way. Jo

-- Jo (ber-gust@prodigy.net), July 23, 2001


Jo, It sounds like you have a lovely, but quite busy place. I am interested in where you are, because I may be interested in some pork this coming fall. In the past we have raised hogs for ourselves and some to sell, nothing beats your own homeraised food.

Unfortunately we are no longer on the homestead. I was injured (not on the homestead) to the extent that we could not possibly keep up the place, so we sold it before it started to fall apart for lack of maintenance. (You know, the million jobs a year you have to do that keeps the place running.)

Hoping to get your place paid for in 50 years is a goal. We did get ours paid for after about 25 years of hard work and living frugally. My advice is to enjoy each day as it comes, because you never know what life may throw your way. I miss my goats, rabbits, and our giant garden and fruit trees and bushes. Fotunately, I have folks like you to read about what you guys are doing and that usually makes my day. Good luck in your endeavors.

-- Bob in sw WI (bjwick@hotmail.com), July 23, 2001.

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