Update: Russian plane crash/Chilean earthquake

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NB This story is being debunked by several, including a physicist. It draws attention, though, to possible problems with automated systems on this particular aircraft.

Vladivostok News

The recent crash of a Vladivostok Avia plane in Siberia, which killed all 145 onboard, might have occurred because of an earthquake in Chile, according to one theory.

Seismologists familiar with the issue and speaking on condition of anonymity said that alarm signals in the doomed plane went off 17 seconds after the quake.

The Chilean quake happened at a point on the globe exactly opposite the city of Irkutsk, near which the plane went into a deadly spin, the seismologists said. A shock wave of energy could have traveled directly through the center of the earth from Chile to Irkutsk and out of a tectonic fault line under the area.

It possibly disrupted local electric, magnetic and gravitational fields, causing a malfunction of the plane's navigational devices. Resulting faulty indications on the instrument panel might have been the reason why the plane took an inexplicable and fatal turn.

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-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), July 23, 2001

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