Rabbit with severe underbite

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I just performed "dental surgery" on a mini lop with a severe underbite - got out the nail clippers and clipped off his teeth, thanks to advice I found in the archives here. My rabbit book says that one breed of rabbit is prone to this affliction, but doesn't say which breed. Am I right in assuming that I'll have to be doing this all the time now? I couldn't clip the lower teeth short enough to help the uppers start growing out (afraid of hitting a blood vessel, I guess).

-- Christina (introibo2000@yahoo.com), July 20, 2001


Christina, dont use this animal for breeding as this is a trait which can be passed on.put wood in for it to chew on[ untreated wood]should help to keep teeth down.Dont know of a breed which is prone to this but all breeds can have this crop up which is why you dont breed a rabbit with flaw.The wood should help but I think you will have to trim them periodically.

-- kathy h (ckhart55@earthlink.net), July 22, 2001.

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