where can i find 127 color negative film?

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i have a brownie super 127, but i can't seem to find film. i live in san francisco, but i'm not opposed to buying through mail order. i heard that freestyle.com doesn't sell 127 anymore, so i'm looking for another location. anyone have any ideas?

-- holly belle (tenderbuttons@hotmail.com), July 20, 2001


127 Film

Holly, Go to the Brownie page and click on "film" you will see a link for B & H. That's where I get mine. Stay away from the Maco for $3.99. I've had poor results with it. The Kodak Natural Color (N/C) 160 is $10 a roll but the results are excellent. For developing try Main Photo (www.mainphoto.com) they are based in Anaheim but they've got stores throughout Southern CA. I like them because the service is good and the average roll is about $15.00 to develop versus $20 or even $30 at some other places. Good luck Holly and if you need anything else let me know.


-- John Reichenbach (jreich_33324@yahoo.com), July 21, 2001.

I can respool any film of your choice to 127 format for a small fee.

Please feel free to mail me, meantime....DON'T throw away any spools or backing!!

-- Richard J. taylor (trickthequick@madasafish.com), March 24, 2002.

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