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Does Richard Gere have a sister who lives in Australia? If so...what is her name?

-- Donna (, July 20, 2001


I know he has a sister named Susan. I'm not sure where she lives.

-- Elizabeth (, September 03, 2001.

I don't know how many sisters he has but one of them--name unknown to me--used to, perhaps still, lives in Rindge, NH, a small, unassuming town on the NH/MA border. He has visited her there on many occasions and has been spotted out and about at local restaurants, antique shops and the like...I even bought an "old" (1950s-60s) set of dishes that the shopkeeper said Richard Gere had come in, looked at, and mentioned that he collected it, too.

She likely has a married name or is unlisted. Also, this information is from the early-mid 90s and she may have moved.

-- Cathi (, February 05, 2002.

I worked with his sister in Boston for 2 years. Very nice girl. He is definately not married and still lives in boston.

-- Ronni (, June 11, 2003.

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