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I recently visted a book store... I know amazing... there was a book I had to get because of an old raver friend in Greensboro told me about it... He told me about a that is out there, that talks about the old up and coming raves scene in greensboro and throughout the Carolinas... It is pretty much a tell all... if you are from the old days... you can almost tell who is who... and who did what back then... I couldn't believe it... the best thing about it is that you can order at any book store... I would suggest going to www.iuniverse.com and typing in the search for it there because you can read it for free... he he he... But I got one... because i think some of my old friends from charlotte... are in it... unfortunately i wasnt... OXalente The book will let you have it...

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001


Ok i know this post about the NC Rave book is kinda old...but buddy..whats the name of the book...Cuz i'm a 24 yr old "old skool" raver, back in the happenin babylon dayz!! lol

Neways i would love to see this book if you could gimme the name, shoot im prolly in it! HA!!


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2002

Jen- not Jen Solo by chance?!?!

Met ya (if Solo U R) at Neptune's Return last fall... sorry if I was rude at all; I wuz a lil out of it at the time...

anyhoo, old skool pride! rock on

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

jen solo moved to the uk and got married . . . that's jen from greensboro ;D

haha damn this site is funny.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

ok i have no idea how i came upon this site LOL. anyhows sup nettr0! :-P

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2004

btw -- if that book covers the babylon & millenium center days... dear god i hope there arent any pics of me in there up to my elbows in plastic LOL

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2004

more like your elbows in rave gravy ... which j are you =o

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2004

u may know me by a different name... perhaps phunkyhauskat LOL

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2004

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