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I hvae heard contradicting stories about using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 tocreate Video CDs. Some people say you can do it, while others say it cannot be done. Can it? If so, how? How would you copy a vcd? If it really cant be done, where would I get the program Nero so that I can? Thanks for looking, everyone. -Jennifer

-- Jennifer Lai (stellar311@surfout.com), July 19, 2001


Adaptec Easy CD Creator has 4.0 version and 4.0 Deluxe version. 4.0 deluxe version has the VCD Creator package and ordinary 4.0 version has not. Without the VCD creator you are not able to make Video CD s. What is the version you have ?

-- sam (samara@slpa.lk), July 20, 2001.

I have only the regular version, not the deluxe. thanks.

-- Jennifer Lai (stellar311@surfout.com), July 20, 2001.

download a program called morpheus , here r the following steps 1: on the internet go to www.yahoo.com 2: type in morpheus (hit enter key) 3: click on music city morpheus 4: the page will change now click on music city morpheus again 5: there will be a small icon saying c/net downloads click on that. 6: now click on the icon saying download now. 7: morpheus will take up 2 10 mins 2 download depending on your modem 8: once it is downloaded click on 2 the search icon and highlight software. 9: now type in nero 5.5 and click on the search icon , a list shall appear. highlight nero 5.5 with the left mouse button then click the right mouse button and click download. and thats you got nero for free. 10: also when the list comes up look for the one saying nero serial numbers , u will need 2 download this as well (my email address is garrymcgoldrick@netscape.net if u have any problems , good luck

-- garrymcgoldrick (garrymcgoldrick@netscape.net), September 17, 2001.

Guys, quick question: I have the standard Easy CD creator and I downloaded vcdcr.exe wich is suppose to bring it up to the Delux version but when I run this file it tells me 'VCD creator cannot load because Easy CD creator is not installed please re-install easy CD creator and try again' Any ideas. thx

-- (basem_usa@yahoo.com), September 28, 2001.

For the upgrade question: You need to make sure that the version of vcdcr32.exe is the same as the version of Ez CD Creator you are running.

So if you have version 4, you need version 4 of vcdcr32.exe

Hope that helps.

-- RusHHoUR (mightyboy86@hotmail.com), October 28, 2001.

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